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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Showroom open in Powell, Ohio

Update on showroom
Sorry folks - it's been a long time since I've updated this blog.  Darby Creek Trading has undergone a lot of changes in the last few months.  We just opened our new showroom in Powell, Ohio and will start a marketing campaign shortly.  Since 99% of our business is conducted online, there isn't any good reason not to provide our services and goods to the people of Powell, Dublin, Worthington, Delaware and the other communities nearby.

With our show room now open, feel free to stop by and see our new Christmas wreaths.  We have over 30 new designs for 2013.  Following is an example of just a couple of our wreath.  If interested, simply click on the pictures and it will link you back to see all of our wreaths.

Red Hydrangea Christmas Wreath          Winter Woodland Friends Wreath

Video Training
Also, we are pleased to announced we have formed a relationship with a video recording company and plan to release a series of "How To" videos over the next few months.  These videos will assist hobbyists in how to make a wreath, floral arrangements and more. So stay tuned.  The videos will be posted on our facebook page, in our posts, and on our website.  We have over 30,000 view or our how to make a fall wreath video since it was released.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or visit our website at www.DarbyCreekTrading.com.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Wreaths and Outdoor Art

Along with the new season comes a need for new home decor. Need something that will freshen your home up and really capture the essence of summer? There’s simply nothing like a Darby Creek handmade wreath.

Our wreath styles are constantly changing, just like the seasons. All of our wreaths are handmade by our in-house designer so let her make you your dream wreath today. Check out our huge selection of wreaths here.

Darby Creek is here to help you start your summer off right with a little outdoor decor that can really liven up your outdoor space. Add a piece from our extensive collection of outdoor art to give your outdoor space the flair and style it needs.

We have a large inventory of weatherproof outdoor art that can withstand all the elements even large amounts of direct sunlight. These outdoor pieces can hang all year round without fear of any of the seasons.

Darby Creek is your #1 source for home decor and gifts so when your home is in need of something fresh and new rest assured that you can find just what you need right here.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Product Spotlight: Metal Roosters and Ducks

It's always fun to add new products to our website.  We already offer thousands of really great items, but when I get to update the site with new items, I get excited because I know people are just going to love them!  

We offer several different types of roosters, hens and ducks in polystone and ceramic, but these new Metal Roosters and Hens are really great!  They are handcrafted metal and are specially designed with outdoor safe finishes, which makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor decor.

Now, I know that chickens aren't for everyone... but come on, no matter what your style is, who can resist the bit of whimsy that these add.  I personally love chickens, and have a whole flock of them in my backyard, which is why I can't resist this guy, he's so cute.

This Red Pecking Rooster is also super cute.

There are also two great metal ducks, and although I'm not usually a duck lover, these two are really precious, and I could find it in my heart to love them.  I know that there are some serious duck lovers and collectors out there though, so for those of you that are...  check these guys out.

You can view all our new roosters and ducks, by clicking here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

10% off Darby Inspirational Products

We all know that Darby Creek Trading trading offers a huge variety of beautiful wreaths, but we also offer tons of other products as well!  Right now through Wednesday, May 23, 2012, all of our Inspirational Products are 10% off when you use the coupon code: DIP10 at checkout.

We have so many great products to offer for your home or for a great gift ideas.  You are guaranteed to find something for anyone and everyone.  We offer collectible figurines, prayers and plaques, Irish gifts, Religious gifts, mugs, and so much more.  Go ahead and browse around our site and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Here's a couple of my favorite products this week:

This gorgeous wooden plaque is hand carved out of cherry wood and made in Ohio.

This lovely Angel is called 'The Gentle Souls Care Angel" and what makes it a great gift is that it is perfect for year round use as it comes with 4 wreaths that you can swap out with the change of every season.  It is also handmade with real copper and glazed terra cotta.

Another great product that we offer at Darby Creek are the limited edition art prints of Ray Murphy.  These have a variety of popular prayers and inspirational sayings on them and feature beautifully detailed art work as well.  These are also able to have custom text of your choice added to them.  Making them the perfect memorial piece or special gift.  We have several beautiful pieces to choose from.
Go and check out our website, find an Inspirational Product that you love, and don't forget to use the coupon code: DIP10 at checkout!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Product Spotlight: Mini "Thank You" Angel Figurine

Here's a beautiful new product that we are now offering.  This lovely, hand painted figurine measures 1.75" wide x 4.25" tall and has the words "Thank You" written in nice script.  This is part of our Foundations Angel Collection and is the perfect Thank You gift for someone special in your life.

Did you know that we can ship your order directly to your friend?  So next time instead of sending the usual thank you note, order and have us send one of these beautiful angels instead.  It would be the perfect expression of gratitude.

We also have many other beautiful angels in our Foundation Angel Collection, you can check them all out here.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Save Big Money with our Newly Updated Clearance!

I have to admit that I am kind of a deal seeker... I hate to pass up a good deal, and 50% off are some of my favorite words.  So if you're anything like me, you're going to love this blog post!

I don't know if you've seen it, but we have a great Clearance Section on our website.  In this section we have all kinds of great floral items and even better, we're now offering an additional 50% off of all our clearance items.

Here's a few of my favorite items that we currently have available.

These orchids are really beautiful, and are so lifelike you'll have everyone convinced that you have a green thumb.  We have several different options available including potted phaleanopsis and cymbidium orchids in glass vases with acrylic water.

Another great money saving idea is to purchase your holiday and seasonal wreaths during the off season.  These are the same high quality products that we offer in season, but rather than storing them, we like to offer them to our customers in our clearance section.

Even though summer flowers are poking up their heads here in the United States, down in the Southern Hemisphere it's the end of fall... and unfortunately summer will go by fast and fall will be here before we know it.  Check out this beautiful fall wreath, called The Great Pumpkin Wreath, and did I mention that it's also 50% off!

Christmas in May!  We have a few select styles available and ready to ship, and at 50% off you can't afford to wait till December.  Look at this lovely Amaryllis Christmas Wreath.
We have so much more than I can post here, so go and check it out yourself.
Remember to use the coupon code: FLO50 at checkout to receive your 50% off.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An Irish Wedding Blessing

According to my family history and my freckles, I have a good bit of Irish in my genetics.  I can't trace it back to a particular place, or person who crossed over, but it's in there somewhere.  Of course, I'm a mix of several different genetic pools, including Welsh, Irish, American Indian, Creole, and I'm sure many more.
I have always thought it would be fantastic to know exactly where you come from, and am always fascinated to  hear people who have researched their ancestry.  I was just talking with a woman the other day, and she said that her family name has been traced back to a castle in Ireland.  So cool.  Ruin or not, I'd want to go visit.

While I can't trace my Irish history back to a certain point, I can remember my wedding day just a little over 9 years ago.  On that day I married my wonderful husband, and have been blessed ever since.

What has me thinking of Ireland and weddings today, you might ask...  well...

We just updated a product today, called "An Irish Wedding Blessing."  We have offered this product for awhile, but it is now updated with a slightly different frame.  I think is is a nice improvement.  It is a dark brown frame accented with gold flecks, and it would go perfect in any Irish newlywed's home.

This framed art piece is really beautiful and is perfectly gift worthy with the gold flecked frame and the green die-cut mat.  The print inscribes the following:

As you travel life together,
may God guide you on your way,
And bring you newfound joy
in each other, day to day...
May your home be graced with peace,
may your sharing know no bounds,
May your friendship know full measure
in the lifetime love you've found...
And as your closeness deepens,
may each moment be the start
Of life lived hand-in-hand,
and love lived heart-to-heart.

We offer a great many different Irish gift pieces, including several other Irish Blessings.